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If you are looking for a teacher that can prepare and handle the examination process; you have come to the right place. Mark has a wealth of knowledge in this particular area. He has successfully completed ten drum examinations himself. Preliminary, Grades 1 to 8 and Associate Performer Diploma Drum Kit. His results included Honours on three occasions and First Class Honours on seven occasions. Mark has also completed Grade 7 Modern Piano and Grade 5 Music Theory.

Mark has been actively preparing students for exams for many years, achieving outstanding results. He has successfully prepared students at every level for drum kit up to and including Associate Diploma. Piano up to Grade 5 and Music Theory up to Grade 5.

Mark has been an ANZCA examiner since 2001 and has conducted workshops and master classes on the subject of music exams on a national and international level. His knowledge and understanding of the subject have ensured thorough preparation for his students.

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